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Mini gel based serum course front cover

Gel Based Serum Educational Mini Course


Are you truly knowledgeable about the functions of each component within a gel-based serum? It is not sufficient to merely put pen to paper in the production process; a deep comprehension of a serum's purpose and the critical functions of its ingredients is essential. It goes beyond ingredient selection to understand how these components collaborate to create a stable and safe structure. This is precisely where our online short course becomes indispensable.


I've meticulously curated an in-depth e-book elucidating the functions and roles of each ingredient, emphasising why they are pivotal in constructing a robust foundation for gel-based serums.

  • 1. Understanding Serums: Delve into the core concepts of serums and their unique attributes.

    2. Ingredient Functions: Gain insights into the purpose and significance of each ingredient within the serum formulation.

    3. Ingredient Roles: Understand how each ingredient plays a distinct role in the serum's composition.

    4. Serum Foundation (Build): Explore the fundamentals of building a gel-based serum.

    5. Measurements and Percentages: Master the art of precise measurements and achieving the desired percentages for optimal results.

    6. Accelerated Stability Testing and Preservative Efficacy Testing: Learn how to conduct rigorous testing to ensure your product's safety and longevity.

    7. Cost Calculation: Discover the methods for accurately estimating the cost of your product.

    8. Label Compliance for Multiple Countries: Navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance in different regions.

    9. Equipment for Beginners: Find out what equipment is essential for formulating gel-based serums, specifically tailored to beginners.

    10. Formulation Methods: Benefit from two tried and tested formulation methods.

    11. Video Tutorials: Enhance your learning with two instructional video tutorials on serum formulation.

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